Should You Take Your First Junk Car Offer?

16 August 2022
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You may need to sell an old junk car for various reasons. Maybe you need extra cash in your pocket, or you might be sick of leaving a rusted hulk taking up valuable space on your lawn or driveway. Whatever the case, selling your old beater to a junk car buyer is often the easiest and quickest way to get an offer. Of course, you also want to ensure you get the best offer possible.

One common question for first-time junk car sellers is whether it makes sense to take the first offer or shop around. If you're in this position, consider asking these three questions to determine whether it's worth the time and effort to shop around for a higher offer.

1. Do You Need Money Fast?

A considerable advantage to selling to a junk car buyer is that you can get the money much quicker than through a private sale. Listing your car on a classified site or a used vehicle auction can mean waiting weeks or months for a sale and dealing with many potential buyers along the way. On the other hand, junk car buyers can usually get a check within a few days or less.

However, shopping around might slow this process down a bit. If you're not in a hurry, it can be worthwhile to get and compare a few offers. Different buyers may offer a little more or less, depending on the condition and model of your car. On the other hand, if you need money quickly, it's often better to streamline your sale and avoid too much comparison shopping.

2. Is Your Car in Relatively Good Condition?

Junk car buyers typically don't care if your vehicle runs or not, but they may still care about its overall condition. Some buyers resell individual parts, so cars in relatively good shape can be more valuable than ancient junkers. As a result, your offer will usually be a combination of your car's scrap value and the potential value of its used parts.

If your car is in good shape (for a junk car), you may find that offers will vary more between buyers based on their individual needs. In these cases, calling around to a few different junk car buyers might be worthwhile. However, you're less likely to see much variation if your car is in poor condition, as these offers will usually depend on scrap value alone.

3. Will a Few Hundred Dollars Matter?

While there might be some variation between buyers, you shouldn't expect drastically different amounts. Remember that the scrap value of your vehicle will be one of the primary determining factors for your offer, so many junk car buyers will provide a similar price. You may still see small differences in offers for more desirable cars or vehicles with more salvageable parts.

If a few hundred bucks will make a big difference in your budget, always call around for the best price. If not, it's worth considering getting the sale over quickly by only checking for one or two offers. You're still likely to receive a good price for your car, and you'll get money in your pocket that much more quickly.

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